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Natsutsubaki Japanese Tea Cup

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8cm x 7.8cm 


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Individual box (YE-13B)

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Painting by hand.

From the Meiji era to the Showa era, he showed a high level of creativity with free and open creativity such as calligraphy, painting, seal carving, lacquering, and ceramics. The characteristics of Rosanjin's vessels are thought to be on the premise of serving dishes, and all of them, such as Oribe, Shino, Karatsu, Shigaraki, Bizen ware, color painting, and dyeing, capture the essence well. Rosanjin was an excellent connoisseur of old pottery and was a leader in cooking.
While standing in the kitchen and serving dishes, he also created the tableware to be used. Then, after seeing the old pottery, he was motivated to make it and devoted himself to making pottery to make the best use of cooking. Therefore, most of the works were tableware, and the dishes were complemented by Rosanjin's vessels, and the vessels were also utilized by the dishes.
From Chinese pottery to Li Dynasty, Japanese national ware Shino, Oribe, Kiseto and Rinpa Kenzan, but when all of these are applied to Rosanjin, each one is full of the individuality of Rosanjin.
I have never seen an artist with such versatility in the past and present.
Rosanjin, who brought about a major innovation in Japan, has been highly evaluated both at home and abroad.

Microwave, dishwasher and oven N/A.

Because of the nature of pottery, color, size, weight, etc. of product may slight differ from the referential information.

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