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Oda Pottery

Oda Pottery Sazanami Series

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Deep Plate Width /21x21cm Height /4cm
Plate Width /16.3x16.3cm Height /2.4cm
Bowl Width /14x14cm Height /4cm

Lipped Bowl/Mini Dish
Width /11.8 x9.5cm Height /4cm
Capacity (When filled with water )/200cc

Mug Cup Width /9.9x12.5cm Height /7.9cm
Capacity (When filled with water )/About 370cc

Material / Components
Porcelain /Mino Ware

Country of Manufacture 
Made in Japan

The delicate relief of the traditional sashimi pattern is a gorgeous vessel that gently colors the dishes.
The plate has a spacious depth and is useful at the daily dining table.

* Due to manufacturing reasons, scratch-like patterns may appear due to pinholes and glaze dripping. This is a non-defective product. Please note that.

Microwave oven and dishwasher safe. 

Because of nature of material, air bubbles and minor scratches exist commonly in handcrafted glassware.