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Natural Handmade Cones Incense

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25 cones incense + 1 clay incense stand

Incense height 3cm diameter 1.8cm

Usage Duration
15 minutes per cone incense

Material / Components
Natural flowers, selected herbs and spices

Individual eco-friendly LOKTA package

LOTUS cones incense are made from delicate blends of exotic flowers, selected herbs and spices. They provide gentle aroma and create a spiritual mood.

They can be used as  air fresher at home, office venues or for yoga incense purpose as well.

SANDAL classic and most popular incense scent

CEDAR WOOD natural and refreshing wooden scent

TEA TREE refreshing and active scent

JUNIPER BERRY natural and calming wooden scent 

LEMONGRASS clean and lemony scent

ORANGE BLOSSOM fruity and fragrant scent

PALO SANTO perfumery and warm scent 

Night Queen relaxing and sleep aid scent

And more options are coming


All cones are handmade with natural materials. If the environment is humid, please leave the cones under the sun to dry out the humidity within the incense for a couple of days. Otherwise the lit incense can go out in the middle of the burning.

Be careful the burning of incense will create certain amount of smoke, which is natural for incense. Don't leave the incense close to smoke detector and be mindful when burning the incense.