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LUNA-2 Whisky Glass

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Cup Rim Diameter 8.6cm
Height 8.2cm


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Material / Component
High temperature resistant glass

Wooden Box Package

Birthmark LUNA-2 whisky glass is inspired and designed initially from surface of the moon. As a classic whisky glass with interesting and personal design, it evokes the beauty and image of the moon, or something beautiful far away.

The glass bottom turns gold when filled with amber liquor or coffee, even tea, just like lunar surface.

As classic solid base glass with a slight-taper shape, it fits the hands with more comforts. It can absolutely be used for other beverages, like cold coffee or cocktails.

Microwave oven and dishwasher not recommended. However, due to the extremely thin material, microwave oven and dishwasher are not recommended 

Because of nature of material, air bubbles and minor scratches exist commonly in handcrafted glassware.