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Matcha Whisk 100 Prongs

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Chasen is washed by placing the tip of the whisk in a container filled with water and shaking it to remove dirt. If the dirt is not removed by shaking, gently rub the tip of the whisk to remove it. Once clean, dry it in a dry place like a tea bowl. The tip of the bowl is a very delicate part, so do not scrub the tip of the bowl gently but wash it gently when you touch it. 


Matcha Bowl: DIA. 12.5cm H7.3cm
Matcha Whisk: 100 PRONGS 

Country of manufacture
Quality control and Designed by Japan

Material / component
Natural wood/bamboo
Surface coating / Urethane coating *Durable finish

Individual box

*About natural wood
Trees grow strong in the changes of the four seasons, receiving the blessings of the natural world.
The wood grows vigorously in the changing seasons, with the blessings of the natural world.
The wood is then finished by inheriting the individual characteristics of each piece, such as the grain of the annual rings, the color of the wood grain, the texture of the wood, and the stains. We hope that you will understand and enjoy the individuality of each piece.
Since natural wood is used, there may be individual differences in grain, color, and dimensions, and there may be some scratches, etc., but we ask for your understanding as a characteristic of the product.