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Studio M'

Pave Series

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W178 / D178 / H37
W132 / D132 / H33
W80 / D80 / H53 / 130cc

Country of manufacture

Material / Component

Generated White Pottery (Ocher) / White Mat Glaze / Reduced
Celadon Green Pottery (Ocher) / White Makeup / Celadon Glazed / Reduced
Turkish Dark Blue Pottery (Ocher) / Turkish Blue Glaze / Reduced
Celadon is the only master.
・ Due to the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze, there may be individual differences in color unevenness and burning sensation. Especially in Turkish blue, the shades of color are conspicuous, and each one has a different expression.
-Due to the nature of pottery, there is intrusion. It is a product that gets dirty easily as it is used. When using it, soak it in water to absorb enough water. Reduces food moisture from entering.
・ A lot of iron powder may appear on the surface.
・ Celadon is a dishwasher NG

Details from manufacturer
Studio M is an original brand of home-use tableware. We are developing tableware and tools that are designed to be used at home. If you review the tableware you use every day, you will find that Studio M's tableware will enrich your life so that your meal will be a little tastier, more enjoyable, and you will want to try something different than usual. 

Pave made with the image of cooking and dining table on a special occasion. The shape is the traditional shape of the corner cut corner, which is also used in family crests, and the dignified appearance tightens the served dishes and gives them an elegant look. By raising it to a hill, a space is created between the table and the plate, creating a neat feeling and freshness. Available in three colors: generated, celadon, and Turkish blue. Generation of smooth texture, blue porcelain with a fresh impression of pale light blue like glass, Turkish blue with a powerful contrast between the part where the glaze is accumulated and the part where it flows and becomes pale. The 6-inch plate is for main dishes, the 4.5-inch plate is for dishes and Japanese sweets, and the 3-inch small bowl is for spicy dishes.

Microwave and dishwasher safe
Dishwasher not recommended for Celadon Green Oven CANNOT BE USED

Because of the nature of pottery, color, size, weight, etc. of product may slight differ from the referential information.

Please note that each item is handcrafted so the appearance of the pattern may slightly differ from the image. Pictures are only for reference.

Due to the characteristics of glaze, there are individual differences in light and shade and color unevenness, so please be aware in advance.

There may be scratches that are inevitable in production.