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Shaker Oval Box Large

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Size/approx. w343 x d247 x h159 mm

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Material / Components
Cherry wood

Details from manufacturer
This large L-size oval box was inspired by shaker utensils. The lid can be closed to hide it from view, making it a perfect box for storing bread and sweets, or for storing tea and coffee utensils. It looks great even when left out, so you can put it on a table or shelf and use it right away.

Axis shaker boxes are handmade with the simple beauty of the original shaker boxes intact, while focusing on size and functionality that are easy to use in modern Japanese life. The cherry wood has a rustic yet elegant surface, and as it is used for a long time, the color of the wood changes to a darker shade. 

*Please note that there may be slight variations in the grain, color, and finish of this product, as it is all handmade from natural wood. Please understand this in advance.