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Snow | Moon | Flower Japanese Incense Stick w Incense Holder

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Scent Details
雪Yuki (Snow): A refreshing scent inspired by snow.

月 Tsuki(Moon): A mellow scent inspired by the moon.

花 Hana(Flowers): A scent inspired by the refined and graceful Japanese cherry blossoms.

Country of manufacture

40 incense sticks

Incense height 6.5cm
Incense Holder 2.3cmx4cmx0.65cm
Box : Width 7.5 cm Depth 13.8cm Height 2.2 cm

Material / Components
Incense : Perfume essence ・Bark powder of the tab
Incense holder : Tin and lead alloy

Individual wooden gift package

A set of a simple incense stand and incense sticks with a scent inspired by"Snow, Moon and Flowers". the motif which is often used in japanese painting and expresses beauty of four seasons.

All incense sticks are handmade with natural materials. If the environment is humid, please leave the incenses under the sun to dry out the humidity within the incense for a couple of days. Otherwise the lit incense can go out in the middle of the burning.

Be careful the burning of incense will create certain amount of smoke, which is natural for incense. Don't leave the incense close to smoke detector and be mindful when burning the incense.