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Taffeta Natural Maple Tumbler/Tea Cup

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Width : 70 x Height 100mm


Country of manufacture

Material / Component
Natural Maple Wood /Cedar
Surface : Urethane Coating ( Food Product sanitation standard compliance made in Japan paint use )

Individual box

Taffeta tableware are all made of natural logs, and are coated with 6 layers of transparent paint that meets the food specifications to retain the texture and the style of the logs. 

Unlike ordinary wooden tableware, Taffeta tableware can be washed in dishwasher with temperature limit (lower than 70degree)

[Natural paint LOHAS coat]
An original coating that demonstrates "suppression of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus" by the synergistic effect of natural green tea ingredients and phytoncide.

2. [6 layer coating]
6-layer coating that penetrates to the inside. (Food Sanitation Law compliant paint)
It can also be used for dark dishes and oily dishes.

Wash In The Dishwasher
* Limited to use under hot water setting of 70 ° C
* Dishwasher detergent containing abrasives, bleach, etc. cannot be used
Heatproof temperature : Less than 70 degrees [Celsius]