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Tripware Series - White Glaze

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Dish Diameter 17.6cm Height 2.4cm
Plate Diameter 21cm Height 2.7cm
Bowl Diameter 16.1cm Height 5.8cm
Bowl Lid Diameter 17.1cm Height 1.6cm
Deep Bowl Diameter15.5cm Height 8.3cm

Cup 10.3x8xH6.2cm Saucer 13.7x13.7xH1.5 cm
Volume 200ml

Country of manufacture

Material / Components

Pottery (Playback Clay )/Mino Ware (made in Japan )

Detail from manufacturer
Mino ware new exhibition Tripware series has won 2020 Grand Prix Award and published in the December 2020 issue of Hanako

Recommended use
One plate lunch, salad plate plate, meat plate, pasta plate, curry plate, dinner plate, serving plate.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Because of the nature of pottery, color, size, weight, etc. of product may slight differ from the referential information.

Please note that each item is handcrafted so the appearance of the pattern may slightly differ from the image. Pictures are only for reference.

Due to the characteristics of glaze, there are individual differences in light and shade and color unevenness, so please be aware in advance.

There may be scratches that are inevitable in production.